Investment Profile

Asset classes

Blank Berger specializes in multi and single family rental, full service hotel, and parking asset investing. The Company also occasionally originates and purchases real estate notes. The Company both acquires existing properties and ground-up develops via its in-house construction team. The Company analyzes data from across its national portfolio to underwrite new opportunities and manage existing holdings.


Blank Berger is currently invested in three metropolitan areas: Phoenix, New Orleans, and New York City. The Company has extensive knowledge in these locations and aggressively pursues additional investments there. The Company is also targeting expansion to Nashville and Austin.


Blank Berger values partners. The Company partners with best-in-class operators to maximize returns. The Company compliments its partners strengths by taking value-added active roles and contributing meaningful capital into its investments.


Blank Berger is capitalized and moves quickly on investment decisions. The Company has a successful record of deal closings and proven projects.